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Universidad del Rosario offers a 12-month emphasis in Global Health as part of its 18-month Masters in Public Health program. Our aim is to provide the learning opportunities and tools that will enable students to improve health and equity for all people worldwide; to work in partnership with people from different disciplines and nationalities; to advocate for vulnerable communities; to understand global governance and innovation; and to study health and illness not only as concrete realities from health sciences but also as indirect objects of study from social and human sciences. This emphasis provides the experiences and skills required for today’s career advancement in Global Health.

Related specialisations

In spring term, Universidad del Rosario offers a specialisation in one of its fields of expertise. All students from the partner institutions have the option to participate in this specialisation. The specific field of expertise at Rosario is Global Health in community contexts.

Global Health in Community Health Contexts
Universidad del Rosario students
Universidad Del Rosario program highlight

Program Highlights

  • Real-world field-based learning opportunities on planetary health.
  • Interdisciplinary and transnational group of professors actively working in global health at local, national, and international levels.
  • Multiple options for student exchange and internships.

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Staff of Universidad del Rosario

Dr. Luis Gabriel Bernal

Dr. Luis Gabriel Bernal Pulido

Dr Leonardo Briceño

Dr. Leonardo Briceño Ayala

Dr. Ana Calvo

Dr. Ana Julieta Calvo Suarez

Dr. Ana Casallas

Dr. Ana Lucía Casallas Murillo

Dr. Angela Espinosa Aranzales

Dr. Angela Fernanda Espinosa Aranzales

Dr. Catalina Latorre

Dr. Catalina Latorre Santos

Dr. Amparo Susana Mogollon Perez

Dr. Amparo Susana Mogollón Pérez

Dr. Beatriz Macias Angel

Dr. Beatriz del Pilar Macías Ángel

Dr. Angela Pinzon Rondon

Dr. Ángela María Pinzón Rondón

Dr. Franklin Prieto

Dr. Franklin Edwin Prieto Alvarado

Dr. Camilo Valderrama

Dr. Camilo Valderrama

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