Foundations of Global Health 1

The aim of this course is to create awareness about the relevance of problem framing in policy-making and its impact on health equity. Furthermore, by relating the international/global and national policy levels on specific Global Health related topics, such as environmental health, peace and security, labour or food production, they develop an understanding of the complexity of governing structures worldwide.

Course Format

  • Students compare and contrast a national and a global policy using critical policy theory and the Intersectionality Based Policy Analysis approach (IBPA). This results in a group paper.
  • Students work in self-directed online groups of six students from different universities, with support from a tutor.
  • The process is supported by online lectures.
Full course description
Foundations of Global Health 1
Maryam Aly

Related experience

“Using the different approaches in this course to analyse policies and having to work online with so many international students has taught me to be much more critical, prompting all of us to think of policies and our different ways of working in a much wider context!”

Maryam Aly, Maastricht University 2019-2020

Staff involved

Dr. Christy Gombay

Dr. Christy Gombay

Dr. Mary Crea Arsenio

Dr. Mary Crea-Arsenio

Mr. Cristian Ghergu

Mr. Cristian Ghergu

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