Foundations of Global Health 2 course

Although working together online in transcontinental teams with people you never met in person can be challenging, Blender Muzwondiwa explains why it is a valuable, rewarding and fun experience overall.

In the foundations of Global Health courses we work with tutors with ample experience in raising global health project funding to teach our students in the in- and outs of this world.

“I have had the privilege over the past eight years to tutor students in Global Health Foundations who come from many different countries and universities. My great joy is to see how groups work together in a virtual setting, developing a sense of teamwork, reflecting on their own personal growth, and moving towards a common goal. The policy perspectives and project ideas developed by the students are inspiring with relevance to real-world global health solutions. The course provides a learning platform to assist students to strengthen their skillsets and develop tools to help them forge their future academic and work careers.”

Michael Jay, former Director General, Canadian International Development Agency

Michael Jay

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