Learning Symposium Online

Every year, around seventy consortium students from places all over the world work together online in a 2-week course. They explore how Global Health standards and regulations such as UN SDGs and conventions of the WHO, ILO and UNEP translate into specific national arrangements. They work on topics such as occupational health, maternal and child health, mental health and one health in a country of their choice. In addition, they participate in a two-day conference with keynote speakers and concurrent thematic student thesis research presentation sessions.

Course Format

  • Online group work in small international and multidisciplinary groups.
  • Option for on-site preparation sessions.
  • Stakeholder interviews with experts and practitioners.
  • Engaging discussions with peers on thesis research topics.
Learning Symposium Online

Staff involved

Dr. Christy Gombay

Dr. Christy Gombay

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