Globalization and Equity

Globalization and equity addresses the processes by which nations, businesses and people become more connected and interdependent across the globe through increased economic and cultural integration, communication, and travel. Students investigate and learn about the socio-economic and political moorings that inform and anchor global health. They acquire career-relevant skills relating to policy analysis and formulation in a global context.

McMaster University (CA)

Course Format

  • Students will learn about the complexities that anchor global health while engaging in policy dialogue discussions, case studies, and presentations.
  • Utilizing a combination of group work and expert lectures, from policy makers to activists working locally and globally students will participate in student-centred learning.
Full course description
Globalization and Equity
McMaster University students

McMaster University

McMaster University is an institution with global impact. At McMaster, we collaborate across disciplines to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges, working together to improve people’s lives and contribute to our global knowledge base.

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Staff involved

Dr. Alex Drossos

Dr. Alex Drossos

Dr. Amanda Sim

Dr. Amanda Sim

Dr. Olga Skarlato

Dr. Rachel Zhou

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