Gender and Humanitarian Response

This course examines armed conflict through a gender perspective, focusing on civilian experiences and humanitarian responses. It covers gender analyses of conflict trends, links between war economies and globalization, and the manipulation of gender roles in conflict. Topics include gender in livelihoods, masculinities, sexual and gender-based violations, and women’s rights in international humanitarian and human rights law. Case studies from current armed conflicts worldwide provide real-world context.

Ahfad University for Women (SD)

Course Format

  • Lectures on the foundation knowledge of conflicts, humanitarian settings and gender theoretical frameworks.
  • Case studies are drawn from recent and current armed conflicts worldwide.
  • Gender analyses of current trends in armed conflict and terrorism, and gender roles in fuelling war and violence.
  • Small group assignments and seminars to facilitate in-depth discussion and students’ collaboration in analysis and solving problems.
Gender and Humanitarian Response
Ahfad University for Women students

Ahfad University for Women

AUW is a pioneering higher education institution in Sudan whose philosophy is women’s education, development and empowerment. Its history goes back to 1907 when the first school for girls was established in Sudan. Currently AUW has over seven thousands students from all parts of Sudan, neighbouring countries and around the all the world.

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Dr. Nafisa Bedri

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