Food Security and Aid Policies

This course explores the critical link between nutrition, development, and emergency food aid. It delves into the complex dynamics of household and national food insecurity in different contexts, emphasizing the interplay of physical, climate, economic, cultural, and political factors. Students learn to assess the risks of food insecurity and alternative development strategies in diverse settings, including those undergoing economic transformation, political unrest, and globalization challenges.

Ahfad University for Women (SD)

Course Format

  • Lectures to introduce key concepts related to nutrition, development, food aid and food security.
  • Case studies related to food security, nutrition, development and emergencies.
  • Collaborative group assignments on nutrition and food security in different contexts.
Food Security and Aid Policies
Ahfad University for Women students

Ahfad University for Women

AUW is a pioneering higher education institution in Sudan whose philosophy is women’s education, development and empowerment. Its history goes back to 1907 when the first school for girls was established in Sudan. Currently AUW has over seven thousands students from all parts of Sudan, neighbouring countries and around the all the world.

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